Beginning March 2024, ProPrints will award the Artemis to individuals breaking barriers in the photography industry on a monthly basis. As a female-led business, we cater to professional photographers from a range of backgrounds and specialties, delivering exceptional services in a collaborative and inclusive environment. Our mission is to showcase diverse creatives and drive positive change.


Leading the way as Executive Vice President of ProPrints, ANYA THRASH has worked with professional photographers for more than 25 years, and is a visionary leader driven by her passion for the photo industry. With her exceptional ability to strategize and manage complex projects, she exemplifies excellence and drives the team towards success. Her strategic thinking, effective communication, and ability to inspire and motivate others make her a respected leader in the industry.


MEGAN REGALADO, ProPrints' Marketing Director, blends luxury and innovation for an unmatched customer experience. With expertise in marketing, sales, branding, and UI design, she transforms the website for a seamless visitor experience. Megan's event coordination, PR skills, and partnerships with photographers and educators solidify ProPrints' industry leadership and Reputation.


BAILEY FAULKINGHAM, ProPrints’ highly valued Marketing Coordinator, expertly manages programs like the Educator Program and ProPrints Grand Ambassador applications. Her exceptional organizational prowess is instrumental in keeping ProPrints organized as a division.


PATRICIA FARRES, with her well-developed skills and visual expertise, manages the graphic design operations, ensuring a remarkable and harmonious brand appearance across channels. Her dedication is pivotal in reinforcing ProPrints as an industry leader in visual branding strategies.


MARIA ARELLANO, a visionary fine art portrait photographer from Cypress, Texas, is reshaping beauty norms through her diverse and inclusive work. Fluent in multiple languages, Maria connects with people from all backgrounds. Her captivating images, inspired by mythology and fantasy, exude strength and beauty, serving as a powerful symbol of diversity and empowerment.

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