How to write a great bio for your photography website

How to write a great bio for your photography website

As a professional photographer, your website is very important. It's your way of not only showcasing your best work but also letting your audience see a bit of your personality and who you are as a person. Other than your gallery and contact information, the "about me" page on your website is perhaps the most important, and a good about me page can seal the deal and help you attract a ton of new clients to your business.
That said, many photographers neglect their about me pages or otherwise get them wrong, so in this article, we'll go over everything you need to know so that you can create a compelling about me page for your website.

1. Keep things simple

First and foremost, far too many photographers try to get fancy when writing their about me pages; this is a mistake. Trying to come across as too artsy or seem as though you are a prize-winning poet is likely to backfire and have the opposite effect of what you intended. Great about me pages are honest and authentic. Focus on telling people who you are, what you do, why you love photography, and most importantly, what you can do for them. Just be yourself, and clients will be much more likely to hire you.


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 1. Keep things simple


2. Dress for success

Your headshot is another critical element of your about me page. Most about me pages only have one photo, two at the most, and first impressions are important, so make sure that you look your best. You don't have to throw a suit on, but you also shouldn't be in your pajamas either. Dress the way that you normally do when meeting with clients in person; that way, when clients book an appointment with you, they'll know what to expect.


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 2. Dress for success


3. Use a great headline

Headlines are important both for SEO purposes and also for capturing interest. “John Smith: Photographer” is not great, “Hi, I’m John” is much better, “John’s the name, don’t call me Ishmail" is better still. You want to inject a little bit of personality while still introducing yourself in a friendly way. By letting people know who you are and that you're a real person, you will instantly become much more likable and interesting, which is half the battle when it comes to attracting new clients to your photography business.

4. Explain your process

If somebody lands on your website, it's probably because they're actively looking to hire a photographer, so you want to let them know A) that you are indeed a professional photographer, B) that you are available and looking for work, and C) how you work and what they can expect if they hire you. In other words, you need to explain your process.
Oftentimes photography clients, especially those who find you via your website, have never worked with a professional photographer before, and they usually have no idea what to expect. By explaining how things work in advance, you can put their mind at ease and help them understand what they're signing up for, which can eliminate surprises on photo day and earn you a long-time loyal customer.


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 4. Explain your process


5. Add a few testimonials

Social proof is important in this day and age. People are hesitant to part with their hard-earned money, and before they part with a buck, they'll want to hear from others who have hired you in the past. Having a few good testimonials from past clients is a great way to demonstrate your value and show people that you have, in fact, had other satisfied clients.
This helps establish trust and is one of the best ways of convincing people that you're the right person for the job. You don't need to go overboard, listing every client you've ever had; just include one or two brief snippets from your best customers, and it will go a long way towards attracting new clients to your business.


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 5. Add a few testimonials


6. Share your passion

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you make it abundantly clear that photography is your passion. Nobody wants to hire an amateur enthusiast or somebody who has a passing interest in photography as a hobby. People want a professional photographer.
Think about it this way, would you hire someone who does plumbing as a hobby or who is really interested in electrical wiring? Of course not; you want a professional plumber, somebody who has dedicated their life to plumbing, because you know they'll understand what they're doing and actually do a good job.
The same is true of photography. Let people know that you are passionate about photography, that photography isn't something you're doing, but rather it's who you are. This can make a huge difference in terms of your reputation and how people perceive you, which is one of the biggest factors they consider before hiring anyone.


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 6. Share your passion


7. Let people see who you really are

Just as it’s important to let people know that you are a professional photographer who has dedicated your life to the art of photography, you should also let people know who you are outside of photography. It's okay to keep everything strictly to the point and professional, but if you really want people to like you, then they need to see you as a real person. If you were a former chess champion, throw that in there; love playing the violin? Mention it. The focus of your page should be about photography, but remember, it's an "about me" page, not an "about photography" page.

8. Write in first-person POV

Another mistake that many professional photographers make when writing their about me pages is writing in the third-person point of view. “John Smith is a photographer.” – good for him, who’s John Smith? You need to make things personal; this is the key to making a genuine connection with people.
Always, always, always write your about me page in the first-person point-of-view. “Hi, I’m John, a professional photographer and home cook extraordinaire." By writing in the first-person, people will feel an instant connection with you, like they already know you. 


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 8. Write in first-person POV


9. Tell Google who you are

Next, it's important to keep in mind that you aren't only speaking to your target audience; you're also talking directly to Google. If people can't find you online, then your website won't be much of an asset. As such, you want to make sure that you include a few well-researched industry-specific keywords in your about me page.
You can use online tools like Google's Adwords or other similar tools to look up what people are searching for online and then try to include a few of those terms in your about me copy. This will help you gain organic traffic and attract more interested clients to your website.
“Hi, I’m John, a professional photographer in Denver (and home cook extraordinaire.) I specialize in newborn photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, and scrambled eggs."
By including these sorts of keywords, you can attract more unique visitors to your website. In this case, you'll have a chance of being found by people searching for a “professional photographer in Denver,” or people searching for “newborn photography,” or “portrait photography,” or “landscape photography" (or scrambled eggs in Denver.)


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 9. Tell Google who you are


10. Encourage immediate action

Last but not least, you always want to include a call to action; otherwise, people might love your photos and you're about me page, but they won't ever get in contact with you because you didn't make them feel like they should. Common calls to action include things like "Contact me" or "Get a free quote," basically anything that tells people to take an immediate action right now.
By including a call to action on your about page, you'll notice that the number of people emailing you or calling you, or whatever you instructed them to do will skyrocket, and this is by far the most important thing you can do on any webpage when you want people to get in touch with you. 


Professional Photographers About Me Page: 10. Encourage immediate action



Every professional photographer needs a high-quality website to showcase their work and give people their contact information. But, having a well written about me page is equally as important. When people feel like they know you or at least know a bit about you, how you work, and your personality, they'll be much more likely to hire you. This is true in all areas of life, but it's especially true in photography, as photography is often a very intimate experience. By following the tips outlined in this article, you'll be able to craft a high-quality about me page that will be sure to earn you many more clients.
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