Eight Steps to Branding Your Photography Business.

Eight Steps to Branding Your Photography Business.

1. Name and Logo First

Name and logos are the pinnacle of your brand. Make sure you pick wording and image that support your overall mission and goals as a photographer. Use something unchanging in your life. Many photography studios use their name.

2. Build your Mission

Why did you become a photographer? What needs do you fill in your community? What are your long-term goals?

3. Set your timeline for brand completion.

Be realistic in this timeline. Set mini-goals with dates that help achieve a more extended goal.

4. Create a budget for your Branding and Marketing.

YOU are the best investment you can make. A professional image helps capture new interest in your brand. Polished business identity helps set a price point you are worth.

5. Build your target audience.

Specializing in a type of photography allows your potential clients to know what kind of photography you enjoy most. Research your target audiences like, dislike, and create your branding that appeals to that group of people. Remember, you are not trying to please everyone.

6. Do what you do best

Figure out what part of the marketing you can create yourself. Outsource the rest and do not stress. Allowing others to do what they are good at saves time and energy for you to be able to achieve more in your business

7. Tackle one avenue at a time.

In branding, there are so many different ways you can achieve your goal. When you are in creation mode, it can become overwhelming. Focus on phases of your brand rollout. Take on one social or web platform at a time. Remember, an excellent reliable brand serves you much longer than rushed work.

8. Have confidence

Remember that you are your brand. Show in your brand what is unique about you. Allow yourself the space for a positive mindset and a feeling of creation. Remember, as a photographer, many times; you are your brand.