Which Canvas Wrap is right for you?

Traditional Stretched - vs - Canvas Wrap PRO

The Front

Canvas Wrap PRO is built with a unique patented construction, the canvas is mounted on a solid front. This provides puncture protection while preventing sagging over time.

The Back

Both types of canvas wraps arrive with a finished backing and are ready to hang. Traditionally stretched canvas comes with a white dust cover, as well as pre-installed hanging wire. Canvas Wrap PRO include built in sawtooth hangers, a black dust cover, corner bumpers, and re-enforced with metal screws.

The Sides

Canvas Wrap PRO comes with a standard depth of 1.25" - while stretched canvas offers the options of 1.25" and 0.75".

The Bottom Line

The greatest advantage of our traditionally stretched product is the ability to create custom sizes, while offering hanging wire to hang for galleries or expositions. Canvas Wrap PRO remains our all-time favorite due to its better price point. Designed to help you grow your business while delivering a great quality product.

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