Wall Peels

Get creative with your photos, art, and business signage with reusable adhesive prints that stick anywhere again and again.

Stick It

Wall Peels are made with an ultra-removable adhesive so you can reuse them on multiple surfaces. Great for event photos, office decor, and marketing materials—you can even stick them to your vehicle for quick signage on the go.

Beautiful and Reusable

Unlimited Possibilities

Printed on woven polyester fabric, Wall Peels have a similar look to canvas, but can stick to virtually any surface. This is perfect for dorm rooms, mounting to gator board, creating repeatable patterns for wallpaper, murals, and much more. One of our favorite ideas is mounting a Canvas Wrap with a Wall Peel behind it for an eye catching 3D pop-out effect.

Mobile Marketing

Nothing is worse than hauling tons of heavy prints, albums, and props to a tradeshow and frantically setting everything up by yourself. Enter the Wall Peel - conveniently light, rollable, and able to stick to the walls of your booth for an added photo showcase that’s totally unique. You could even feature price lists and special show discounts. Stick ‘em on your car, trailer, or photo booth and take your photos and art on the road!

Better Together

Wall Peels make in-person-sales a snap. No more guesswork when it comes to how big a print should be or how many to order to fit a client’s space. Use super restickable Wall Peels to show a client a real life example of your vision or build an arrangement together. Now your clients don’t have to imagine, they can see what their finished grouping will look like in their home for themselves.

Stay Up to Speed

Wall Peels are an affordable way to constantly update your promotions and showcase your most recent work. While Canvas Wraps will always steal the show, Wall Peels are a great way to upsell in your sessions and better market your business.