A Professional Photographers Guide to Hosting Productive In-Person Sales Sessions with Clients

A Professional Photographers Guide to Hosting Productive In-Person Sales Sessions with Clients

So, you've taken some great photos. Now what? Do you just send off digital files to the client? Or do you follow up with a sales session? If you're not scheduling in-person sales sessions after shooting your client’s session, there's a good chance you may be losing money.
But how do you actually host an in-person sales session? What should your goals be during the session, and how can you make the most of this strategy. Well, in this guide, we will answer those questions and explain everything you need to know about in-person sales sessions so that you can take your photography business to the next level.

Why are in-person sales sessions important?

In-person sales sessions are an incredibly important part of the post-shoot process. We know that it can be tempting to want to just send the clients a flash drive or a link to their photos and move on, but we encourage you to take your time with this step. This is the moment you can take your average photography session from $500 to $2,000.
In-person sales sessions allow you to show off the photos from your client’s session, answer questions, and really show them the print options for their photos. This gives them a chance to see what their photos will look like in real life on the walls of their home, not just on a screen, and ensure that they're getting exactly what they want from the shoot. This helps prevent any misunderstandings or miscommunications later down the line.
In-person sales sessions also give you another chance to sell yourself as a photographer. If your client is happy with the photos after seeing them in person, they might be more likely to hire you again, or recommend you to friends, because they feel confident in your abilities.

How can in-person sales sessions benefit your business?

Hosting in-person sales sessions after the shoot allows you to meet and connect with your clients, build more trust, and upsell them on print products and services. It's also a great way to showcase other areas of your work. For example, if a client books an engagement session with you then you follow up with an in-person sales session at your studio, they may see examples of your wedding photography showcased on your walls and select you as the photographer for their wedding. Plus, in-person sales sessions offer a number of other benefits that you simply can’t get over the phone or by exchanging emails.
Let's briefly touch on some of the main benefits you'll enjoy when you host in-person sales sessions after your photo shoots.


1. Clients see that  you truly care about their experience with you


1. Clients see that you truly care about their experience with you

When a client meets you in person after you’ve taken their photos, they will see that you truly care about their experience with you. They will know that you are proud of the photos and excited to share them with them.
You can use this opportunity to create a relationship of trust and openness with your clients, which is essential for effective sales. When clients see how much time and effort you put into creating this memory for them, they will be much more likely to buy from you.


2. Clients can  hold a physical sample of your work


2. Clients can hold a physical sample of your work

When you're selling to clients online, it can be difficult for them to get a sense of the quality of your work. The best way for them to do that is for you to show them examples of your print product offerings in person. This way, they will be able to see the quality of your work in person, rather than just on the screen.
In addition, showing your work in person allows the client an opportunity to hold samples of your work, so they can examine them from all angles and decide what they want in their home or office space.

3. Clients can touch and feel different products and size options

During in-person sales sessions, you can show your clients the different size options of the products they’re interested in. You can demonstrate the difference between a 16”x24” Canvas Wrap PRO and 32”x48” Canvas Wrap PRO and help them decide which size works best for their space.

This type of hands-on experience is invaluable because it allows your client to see exactly how they're going to use their new print and helps them envision themselves with that print in their home or office. It's much more powerful than just sharing these options with them online; it's giving them an opportunity to see what they'd like in person before they decide.


4. You can upsell your  clients on other products and services


4. You can upsell your clients on other products and services

In-person sales sessions are the perfect opportunity to offer clients additional products and services that will make them feel good about their experience with you. Such as an Acrylic PRO print that they had never heard of prior to your meeting. After all, if they had a great time with you on set, it's likely that they'll be willing to spend more money with you.
Remember, if they were impressed by how well-prepared you were for their shoot and how attentive to detail you were while they posed, they might appreciate the same level of preparation and care in the future, like at their next session of to update their family photos, for example.  


5. You can get  valuable feedback on your work


5. You can get valuable feedback on your work

After a photo session, it's hard to tell whether or not you've done a good job. You're so close to the project that it's difficult to get a fresh perspective on it. When you meet with clients in person after a shoot, they can give you their honest opinion of your work, and they can give you specific feedback about what they liked and didn't like about the photos.
This is valuable information that will help you improve your skills as a photographer and also help you better determine what types of shoots are most likely to please clients. By reflecting on your photo shoots in this way after the fact, you will be able to identify areas of opportunity for improvement, which will lead to increased client satisfaction and more revenue in the long run.

How to host a productive in-person sales session with your clients after a photo session

A successful in-person sales session is an important part of growing your photography business. If you want to sell more photos, then it's essential that you reach out to clients after a photo session and offer them the opportunity to book an in- or out-of-studio sales meeting with you.
However, it's not always easy to get your clients excited about this type of meeting; they may feel nervous about buying products from someone they just met, so it's up to you as a photographer to make sure the experience goes well for both parties.
Here are some tips you can use to make the process much easier and get the most out of your in-person sales sessions with clients.

Tip 1 – Choose the right location

The location should be comfortable and quiet and have a place where you can easily show off your work. If you have such a space in your studio, then perfect. If not, then consider going to the client's home or office. This can make things more personal and help you build a better connection.
When meeting at a location away from your studio or office, don’t forget to take along your print samples. You want to show off examples of prints to your clients to get them excited about seeing their photos on print.

Tip 2 – Get Ready for the meeting

The second tip is to get ready for your meeting. You want to make sure that you are prepared for this meeting, so take the time to think about what you want out of it and how it can help you build a relationship with your clients.
Ask yourself: What do I want from this meeting? How will it help me grow my business? What do I need from my client in order for this meeting to go successfully? Then, write down all of your answers so that they are clear in your mind when it comes time for the actual meeting.
For example, if one of the things on your list was knowing more about how much money your clients have available to spend on print products, then bring along a price sheet with various packages you offer outlined so that they can look through them and choose which ones fit their needs best! This way, if they ask, “How much would something like this cost me?” you’ll have an answer ready!

Tip 3 – Be prepared for unexpected guests

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your client's experience is successful is to be prepared for unexpected guests. That might sound a bit vague; what does it mean exactly? What kinds of unexpected visitors could show up?
Well, it could be your client's significant other, another member of the family, or even just a friend of the client. In any case, unexpected guests are a good thing. Maybe they want some photos too! Regardless of why they are there or how long they stay; you need to welcome them with open arms. So just be prepared for that.

Tip 4 - Prepare a backup system for your presentations

It’s essential to have a backup system for your presentations. Creating a presentation with mock-ups of your clients’ photos on canvases and other wall art is a great way to let the client imagine these products in their own home. If you’re planning on presenting this on your laptop, make sure to bring your laptop charger with you.
Also, it’s a great idea to create a booklet or magazine of all of your product offerings, sizing, and pricing that your client can hold in their hands and flip through during the meeting. This way in case something goes wrong with technology you have a backup to share your offerings.

Tip 5 - Make sure that your pricing is easy to understand

When you're hosting a sales meeting with your photography clients after a photo session, it's important to make sure that you are clear about the pricing for your products. The more clearly your pricing is communicated, the more likely it is that your clients will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to work with you.
One way to do this is by presenting them with a booklet or magazine with your pricing. This will give them an overview of what your standard packages cost and let them see how much of a discount they could get if they purchase multiple products from you at once.

Avoid selling digital files, instead sell custom prints and wall art

We get it! Selling digital files can be tempting. It's an easy way to get paid, and it feels so much more flexible than having to deliver a physical product. But, as a photographer, it's incredibly difficult to make a living without having a physical product in your portfolio. At Pro Prints we take the hassle out of having to physically deliver prints to your clients. When you place an order through our website we can blind ship your prints directly to your client without a trace of our branding.
You should be able to offer something tangible to your customers. Something they can hold in their hands and feel on their walls, something they can show off at their next dinner party or wedding. As such, you should consider creating custom prints and wall art that are unique and beautiful enough to become the focal point of any room they're displayed in.
When you provide your clients with these kinds of products, they'll feel like they're getting something special from you, something that will last longer than just a file on their computer or phone. Many clients won’t take their files to a Professional Print Lab and as a result the prints won’t showcase your photography in the best way possible.
It can be hard to push yourself away from the comfort zone of digital files and focus on physical prints instead. But if you can commit yourself to doing this, you will be able to increase your revenue substantially and take your professional photography business to new heights.


It's important to remember that in-person sales sessions are not just about closing the deal. They're also an opportunity to build relationships with your clients and keep them engaged with your business. With these tips in mind, you should be able to host productive in-person sales sessions with clients who are ready to invest in custom prints of their favorite images from their session.

Pro Prints is a name you can trust when it comes to creating professional prints for your clients. Every day low prices allow you to showcase your best work as large prints designed for your client’s homes. Get ready for your in-person sales session and order a few print samples today with Pro Prints.