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Design Tips for Great Looking Mouse Pads!

Now for the fun stuff!

So you want to design your very own mousepad, here's a few simple tips to help you get started. Pad size specifications and art requirments are also available.



1. Make it COLORFUL! As we've already told you, you can use all the colors in your mousepad design that you would like. Our pricing is the same no matter how many colors you use.

2. Simple bright colors do the best. For bright vivid colors (and you work with CMYK) try and use colors that have little or no black in them. Black has a tendency to dull your colors. By the way, black is not really the best color choice for a background color. A black background often prints somewhat dull (remember we're not printing to a high gloss magazine cover).

3. Try and use highly contrasting colors. A general rule for any type of textile imprinting is to use more contrast than you might otherwise. That is, bright or light colors against darker background colors (or visa versa). A "mid-tone" or pale gray text will not stand out if printed against another mid-tone or slightly darker background. This is especially true for "dropped shadows" behind small text. Using a gray dropped shadow behind text against a colored background may turn out causing the text to look "muddy". Make sure you've got enough contrast between these colors.

4. Simple designs often do the best, resulting in a nice professional looking pad. Over-crowding your design by "packing" in lots of text, pictures, etc., sometimes is just too busy. However, don't forget to include your phone number or web address. You want your mousepads to be "selling" your business while they sit on your customer's desk!

5. Don't try of put a square or rectangular "border" around your design. Remember, mousepads have rounded corners, so trying to print a square border around of the edge of the pad simply does not work. Alignment is a problem and it just looks plain awkward. It's better for your background color to or image to "bleed" over the edge of the mousepad.

6. Do not place important text, phone numbers, etc., too close to the edge or corners of the pad. The rounded corners of the pad will "cut" them off (see the illustration). You should generally try to keep these items at least 3/8" away from the pad edges ( and about an inch from a corner when measuring diagonally if your working with a rectangular art board). Mousepad size, proportions, file formats and related info can be found here.

7. It's important to send a color print of your design if possible! That way, we can see the same colors that you are seeing (monitors DO NOT always display colors the same) and identify items that might be missing or corrupted in your digital file.



IMPORTANT Considerations About Color Matching: There is a difference between "pleasing" color and "exact" color. Colors can "shift" or change tints slightly depending on a multitude of variables. Computer monitors, printers, etc. do not display and certainly do not print colors exactly the same. Even saving computer images in different file formats can cause "shifts" in color reproduction. Moreover, colors can "shift" a great deal depending on the substrate it is being printed to. The "color" printed to glossy paper may not be the same when printed to a coarse or "uncoated" paper stock. Similarly, a "color" printed to any other substrate, including fabric, can change in tint. At Pro Prints, we go to a great deal of trouble to make sure your design is reproduced as closely as possible to your original intent. If your extremely particular about your color choice, please

1) inform us in advance of your concern and be sure to send a color print of your design.

2) realize that critical color matching can be extremely time consuming, involving higher set-up charges.  


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